Facebook’s Importance for Small Businesses

Facebook originally started in 2004 as a social-networking website for college students. Now with over 1.44 billion active users worldwide, it is the biggest platform you can use if you seek to engage with countless people. Even though Facebook is the premier mega-networking platform, it holds exponential advantages for businesses.

The way Facebook has changed businesses has been monumental. Businesses now can develop strategic advertising and marketing campaigns to reach potential new customers.

Having your business on Facebook through a page or group allows you the opportunity to learn about your customers. Consider your Facebook page like a “comment box”, allowing your customers and target demographic to give you direct feedback.

You can directly involve your customers and keep them well connected with your business or brand, which is vital for small businesses. Facebook gives you the opportunity to have live conversations with people who matter, making the experience more personal and individual.

You can develop a loyal community for your business on Facebook by directly involving your customers with promotional campaigns and contests. A customer is more likely to get involved with your business if you offer monthly discounts or a prize for sharing your page.

All links and posts on Facebook are indexed by search engines, which can help you in your Search Engine Optimization or SEO efforts. SEO is a key component in building a significant presence on the web. Not only does any content that you post keep your audience informed and up to date, but it also gives you a boost in search engine rankings.

Being on Facebook gives you more presence. People don’t always automatically go to a business’s website. Instead, they look to something they use daily – Facebook.

You can virally market your business through Facebook. If a customer likes your page, it appears in their newsfeed and in turn is highlighted on a regular basis through your posting updates or content. If a customer comments on your post, their Facebook friends will also see that, and aids in viral promotion of your business.

Facebook is not only a household name. It has changed the way people do business and promote their business. You have all the tools you need to reach your target demographic and market your business through Facebook.

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